Hello!  My name is Susan (Stankiewicz) Southard and I live in southern Maine (USA) and am a ‘cradle-Catholic’.  I have a B.S. in Microbiology and have held jobs in research, adult education, and a preschool for developmentally-developed children, among others.  I’m a wife of thirty-nine years, a mother to a married, father of two, son and proud Bapcia (grandmother in Polish) of two young grandchildren.

My hope is that this will be a faith-filled site, one that will offer reflections and inspiration to live a saintly (small ‘s’) daily life.  Years ago, I wrote such articles for my diocesan newspaper but since it is no longer being published, I am now moving on to connecting with like-minded folks via my laptop.

Today it is my hope that God will meet you where you are, that He bless you and keep you safe.

Do you have anything to share?  Currently I’m working on having a deeper prayer life, trying to ‘connect’ with God from moment-to-moment, having a life centered around our Lord.

God bless you always,




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